About US

BRG is the ultimate online shopping assistant. Disacs.co.uk gathers, analyzes and provides consumers with verified reviews from other shoppers to help them make an informed decision about what they want to purchase. Whether it’s a tutorial on how best sharpen knives or a list of must-have products for your home kitchen; BRG has something that appeals to every potential buyer out there!

BRG is the first application of its kind to save shoppers time and money on their online shopping. The app crawls through major marketplaces looking for deals, discounts, specials automatically so you don’t have do go from site-to-site wasting hours checking all your favorite retailers. BRG started as a small idea that has grown into an international community with over 500k downloads in less than six months!

If you have any questions or suggestion, please write us at: contact@disacs.co.uk